Friday, September 5, 2008

We Do Love Our Friends!

Yesterday, we spent some time with our good friends, the TD Family. (well, 3/4's of the TD Family - Mr. TD was @ work)

What's so great about this family for us is all the things we have in common.

Maddie and Princess TD are about 6 months apart (although, to see them, you'd think that Princess TD was a couple years older - she's actually the younger of the two) and Hailey and Little TD are only two weeks apart in age. We have the best play dates!

Hot Rod, Mr. TD and Mrs. TD are all Engineers. I'll admit, the three of them are the most organized, detail-oriented people I know - I like to think I'm somewhat organized, but I know that if I forget something, one of them for sure has remembered it. (Especially Mrs. TD, she thinks of everything!!) And sometimes, these Engineers actually let me win at cards!

Hot Rod and Mr. TD both enjoy fishing, grilling and frankly, I don't really know what else since I lose interest (sorry Honey!) don't always pay close attention.

Mrs. TD and I, well...I think we just "get" each other. We're night owls - apparently, neither one of us enjoys getting up early. We're not your typical girly-girls. Don't get me wrong, we'd both jump at the opportunity for a full day at the spa, but we can survive an extra month without getting our hair done.

Which leads me to my story: I was putting the girls to bed last night when I asked which one of them was going to say the prayer. Both girls jumped at the opportunity - which was bizarre because usually, only Hailey will do that. I'm not sure what happened, because Maddie had gotten so good at saying them. I told the girls that Maddie would go first since she's the oldest and then Hailey could say her prayer.

It was too cute, Maddie's prayer went something like this, "Dear God, thank you for today...(and on and on)... Please help 'Princess TD's' bo-bo on her forehead to get better...Thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Maddie, Hailey, Carter and most of all Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen."

Wow! We do hope you heal soon, Princess TD!

(proud Mommy!)


  1. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Hello, why do you think I depend on Mrs. Td for stuff??!!!! Anytime, I need to know research stuff or I mean too lazy to do it, I call her! Of course this is when my super smart hubby is not available. I honestly think that Mrs.Td should give us a weekly update on the latest, coolest gadgets that help with organization! I remember one time shopping at one of those cool stores(office max or something) with Mrs. Td and she would get so excited about the new organizing gadgets. It was so neat! Here I am a teacher that looks forward to crayolas annual release of the latest in colors when school starts and an engineer in the same store getting excited together about "stuff." I think my mouth dropped open when I realized even a silly teacher can relate to an organized, super smart engineer. God brings people together and I am always amazed.

  2. I would love to click with another family like that. You are so lucky!

    My daughter still thanks God for things like her toys and cheeseburgers. She's got a ways to go, lol.


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