Friday, September 12, 2008


So, do you remember in history class the campaign slogan "I Like Ike!"?

I sooo do NOT! (Like Ike that is.)

We enjoyed an evening outdoors with the neighbors. The weather was fairly cool with a nice "breeze"

Back indoors, the wind was just enough to knock out the electricity for a brief second which killed our U-Verse and Internet connection. I felt lost! How ever would I know when the storm would hit? It had to come back up!!!

After dinner we headed back out to enjoy a beautiful sunset from our driveway. The clouds were just perfect for an awesome reflection of the sun. (I'll try to get some pics from the neighbor - I've got my camera on the charger to make sure I have plenty of juice for the after storm photos)

Obviously, now that we are inside hunkered down watching movies and I am online...our service is back. YAY!

In just a few short hours while we sleep (all 5 of us in one room), high winds will blow over and I expect that power lines will be down. It will be dark and hot...hopefully, I will be sound asleep.

Please let me be sound asleep......

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  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    see ya on the other side of the storm =0)... I am not looking forward to the hot temps in or out....ugh....sleep? who can sleep through this??? go dluck my friend!


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