Friday, August 29, 2008

Not Another One!!

Yesterday, Baby Boy had another crying fit that Mommy couldn't stop. I thought, surely he wasn't getting ANOTHER tooth!

Sure enough, this evening he pulled my finger into his mouth for a teething toy as he loves to do. I started rubbing my finger across his gums which always makes him smile and...

Lo and Behold, ANOTHER TOOTH!

Carter now has both his right and left front teeth coming in on the bottom. He is so ready for food.

Tomorrow, he will get to enjoy his first taste of squash. Why squash? Because both the girls thought it was the tastiest of all the veggies. Not like those nasty peas.

I am so not ready for this...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I's a Dood Mommy!

Yep, that's right!! According to my 2-year old, I'm awesome!

While helping me give little brother a bath this evening, she proclaimed, "You's a dood Mommy!"

And you know what? I really needed to hear that! I've been having one of those weeks where I'm feeling a little like a failure...Not really a good Mommy at all.

I've always appreciated my sweet Hubby for all he does. I hope he realizes how much help it is to me even when he just plops down on the floor with the kids and gives Mommy a little break. When he's not around, I struggle to get even the simplest things done.

I salute you single moms out there! I don't know how you do it, but God bless you!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Carter was sitting with me today and as he often likes to do, he grabbed my finger and shoved it in his mouth. He started chewing - what better teething toy is there? As I usually do, I started feeling around on his gums.


Our little man has cut his first tooth (bottom right front) This would explain the colic-like symptoms that he was exhibiting last week. (Okay, he was only crying - which has since subsided)

Oh, the flashbacks to child #1...evenings spent walking the floors - non-stop crying (sometimes all three of us!) from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM every night.

He had me worried...he's supposed to be my easy baby!

I have been holding off on giving him anything other than what he gets from nursing. (Okay, so he gets the occasional TEX-MEX), but I don't think I can hold him off much longer. I wanted to wait until he was six months -- Mostly for selfish reasons -

1. the diapers: oh how nasty "real food" makes those diapers!
2. previous experience: I had to work so hard to nurse the girls since I was having to work and pump...
3. the added mess: bibs, extra clothes, dishes
4. Cost: price of nursing = $0, price of food = I can only imagine
5. I rather enjoy my special time with him! Nursing is something only I can do with Carter!

And so begins the dreaded growing up of my baby boy...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Because I AM THAT Crazy!

Pardon me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. I just can't believe that my baby girl Maddie started Kindergarten today!

It wasn't so bad though...she didn't actually GO anywhere. I made the difficult (maybe a little crazy) choice to homeschool - at least for Kindergarten. She's never been able to stay home with Mommy since I've been working from the time she was 6 weeks old.

For the first few years of her life, she hung out with my oldest sister, Laurie. (For Maddie, it was like visiting an amusement park everyday!)

The past two years have been spent in preschool. She's learned a lot and done quite well for herself, but she's always wanted to stay home with Mommy...

When we made the decision earlier this year for me to quit my job, we started discussing options for Maddie's schooling. She's only been to private Christian preschools. With only one income, that is no longer an option. We live in a great school district and several parents rave about the elementary school she'd be attending, but that wouldn't give Maddie much time with Mommy.

We bit the bullet (WAIT, I bit the bullet! Daddy still leaves for work! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!)

All kidding aside, today was a great day! Maddie was actually disappointed when I told her we were done with school for the day. She wanted to move on to tomorrow's lesson.

I can only hope that the rest of the week goes so well...

Here's Your Sign!

We desperately needed milk this evening, so I headed over to Walgreens to rent a free movie at Redbox pick up a gallon.

As I was paying for my purchase, the young girl behind the counter looked at my three beautiful children and asked me, "Are they ALL yours?!"


They were being good. I mean, they had their usual energy, but they weren't causing a ruckus. They weren't even drawing any attention from the other customers.

So I responded, "No, I like to give my neighbors a break and take their children to the store for a few minutes. Everyone should subject themselves to shopping with other peoples' offspring. Here's your sign!" Bill Engvall would be so proud of me!

Okay, so that's what I wanted to say. I just smiled and said, "Why yes, they are!"

You know those moments where you should just stop there and say, "Fav a nith day!" (Or whatever 'Have a nice day' would sound like with your foot promptly shoved in your mouth)? Yee-ahhh, apparently, her Momma didn't teach her manners 'cause her next response was, "Good Luck!"


I DON'T NEED LUCK!! I have WONDERFUL children. So, I laughed that uncomfortable laugh - you know, the one where you really want to turn off your brain to mouth filter and act like Karen from the sitcom 'Will and Grace' and start saying whatever pops into your head? I promptly removed my precious angels from the store and drove home.

I wonder what's going on at this store? Never a dull moment...

Only in Texas

I'm so proud of my boy! He's already learning to love the finer things in life - TEX-MEX food!! Saturday night he enjoyed his first taste of refried beans.

We enjoyed great Mexican Food and quality family time.

Say Cheese!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Even the Butterflies Love Him!

Friday, Daddy took the day off to spend some time with us as a family. He's been traveling so much lately, that we were just itching to hang out together. We drove downtown and after running up and down the hill at Miller Theater, we headed over to the Butterfly Exhibit at the museum. We got there just in time to see some of the new butterflies released into the garden. As soon as we reached the bottom of the stairs in the garden, this beautiful "Rice Paper" butterfly landed right on Daddy's shoulder. (I'm always sayin', "Everybody Loves Hot Rod!")

Then, it moved over to me, where Daddy (the better photographer of the two of us) took this photo. ((side note: it is suggested that you wear bright colors, I must amend it to say...WEAR RED!))

Here is a great shot of our little "Honeys" perched in the play area beehive. The girls had so much fun running around buzzing all over the playroom.

I couldn't resist posting this sweet picture of the little man. He's getting so close to sitting up by himself!

It was an awesome day. Thanks, Daddy...we love spending time with you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You're Still the One...

Exactly nine years ago today, I moved in with my best friend.

And you know what? Hundreds and hundreds of our closest friends and family joined us for a big bash to celebrate. (Really, I have proof!!) It was one of the best days of my life!

So now I raise my glass to my wonderful husband in celebration of our union.

My love for you is deeper now than it ever was before.
If asked how much I love you, I'd simply answer, "MORE!"

More today than yesterday, and the day of our wedded bliss.
Still more than the day that you and I shared in our first kiss.

I love the way you hold me close. I love your gentle touch.
I know that no one else has ever cared for me so much.

I celebrate our friendship as together we grow old.
And hope for those who read this to know a love so bold.

Darling as you go to bed each night, I want you to be sure,
That with the passing of each day, I love you even MORE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WOW Wednesday (WithOut Words)

Who can resist a sleeping baby...?

Maddie's artwork during a recent trip to our favorite pizza place (EJ's)

You didn't think I'd leave out the middle child, did you?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WOW Wednesday (WithOut Words)

Carter's first trip to the pool. (8/1/08)

He loved the water.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Edouard, Silly Storm!

We weren't afraid of you. But we sure did enjoy the rain...

(Don't worry, there was no lightning)

Sorry, Little Buddy...maybe next year!