Monday, August 25, 2008

Here's Your Sign!

We desperately needed milk this evening, so I headed over to Walgreens to rent a free movie at Redbox pick up a gallon.

As I was paying for my purchase, the young girl behind the counter looked at my three beautiful children and asked me, "Are they ALL yours?!"


They were being good. I mean, they had their usual energy, but they weren't causing a ruckus. They weren't even drawing any attention from the other customers.

So I responded, "No, I like to give my neighbors a break and take their children to the store for a few minutes. Everyone should subject themselves to shopping with other peoples' offspring. Here's your sign!" Bill Engvall would be so proud of me!

Okay, so that's what I wanted to say. I just smiled and said, "Why yes, they are!"

You know those moments where you should just stop there and say, "Fav a nith day!" (Or whatever 'Have a nice day' would sound like with your foot promptly shoved in your mouth)? Yee-ahhh, apparently, her Momma didn't teach her manners 'cause her next response was, "Good Luck!"


I DON'T NEED LUCK!! I have WONDERFUL children. So, I laughed that uncomfortable laugh - you know, the one where you really want to turn off your brain to mouth filter and act like Karen from the sitcom 'Will and Grace' and start saying whatever pops into your head? I promptly removed my precious angels from the store and drove home.

I wonder what's going on at this store? Never a dull moment...


  1. I think you just need to find a new place to shop for quick items. :)

  2. Yeah...CVS is across the street. I've never been there because of the whole "must have card" thingy, but I just might have to try it.

    Too bad they don't have the Redbox!

  3. I can't believe she said those things to you!

    I love to put people like that on the spot with a quick, "I'm not sure what you mean, could you please elaborate?" or, "Why would you say something like that?"

    If she thinks three well behaved kids is a lot, she must be an isolated only child!

  4. How hilarious! People have some nerve. I have three kids, too, a three year old, a two year old and a 9 month old- and I am pregnant with my fourth. You should see the looks and comments I get! Happy POW.

  5. Crazy people.

    Good luck for when she has kids if that is her attitude.

  6. With 4 I get that a lot--behaved or not.
    And it's funny because just about every new mom I meet--they all say they plan on 4. You'd think it wasn't so 'weird'

  7. OMG! How rude. What she should have said was, how beautiful and well-behaved your children are being. You are so lucky!

    I wish you would have given her that come back. I would have loved to see her face for that one!

  8. I found your post from POW. I have six kids. They range in age from 15-7. When they were younger I had some of the worst comments made to me. I have heard EVERYTHING. I finally got tired of answering stupid questions so I started making up stuff.

    Are they ALL yours...No, I bought some at a garage sale!

    Are they all from the same father...No, I hit every bum in town!

    Some people need to learn some good ol' fashion manners.


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