Thursday, August 21, 2008

You're Still the One...

Exactly nine years ago today, I moved in with my best friend.

And you know what? Hundreds and hundreds of our closest friends and family joined us for a big bash to celebrate. (Really, I have proof!!) It was one of the best days of my life!

So now I raise my glass to my wonderful husband in celebration of our union.

My love for you is deeper now than it ever was before.
If asked how much I love you, I'd simply answer, "MORE!"

More today than yesterday, and the day of our wedded bliss.
Still more than the day that you and I shared in our first kiss.

I love the way you hold me close. I love your gentle touch.
I know that no one else has ever cared for me so much.

I celebrate our friendship as together we grow old.
And hope for those who read this to know a love so bold.

Darling as you go to bed each night, I want you to be sure,
That with the passing of each day, I love you even MORE!


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    AWE....such a beautiful couple! So glad that we know y'all!!!

  2. Congrats guys! I have been thinking about y'all today. You are a precious couple and we cherish our friendship with your family!

    The TD Fam

  3. Congratulations, looks like a wonderful day.

    Happy POW!

  4. We were married on the same exact day, JS!!!! How cool!!! We also celebrated 9 years of marriage on Thursday! I loved this post- very very sweet. Miss you, girl.

  5. What a beautiful dress. Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed celebrating your anniversary.


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