Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I know it was wrong...and I'd do it again!

Riding in the car with my kids can get a little crazy.

We were on our way to meet Daddy at work last night to eat dinner and do a little shopping when this conversation began...

Maddie: Mommy, Hailey said Toot-toot. (It's something that I don't like them to say. It is not said to be funny, but unkind or rather disgusting.)

Hailey: I did not!

Me: Girls! Hailey, don't say that. Maddie, stop tattling.

Me, again: You know who knows whether you did it or not - for sure?


----------------and Santa Claus!

Hailey: Sorry, Sissy!

I know it was wrong, but it worked, so I'd do it again! Don't judge me...

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Hands of a Two-Year-Old

This is a two-year-old:

These are the hands of a two-year-old:

Lotion left within the reach of two-year-old hands becomes this:

A camera in the hands of a two-year-old produces something like this:

Markers, scissors and glue held by two-year-old hands compose masterpieces such as this:

Sometimes, the hands of my precious two-year old come together like this:

Or even like this:

And in the kitchen, like this:

Tomorrow these little hands turn three and I just can't wait to see what their future holds...

My little Hailey-Bug, I love you and I hope your birthday is just as fantastic as you!

Three Special Wishes

Today is an extra special day. We honor two very special people. Poppy (my Daddy) and Paw-Paw (Hot Rod's Dad) celebrate their birthdays today.

So, raise your glass and help me toast two of the greatest Christian men I've ever known.

Happy Birthday Poppy/Daddy and Paw-Paw may you have many, many more years to come! We love you.

Tomorrow, Poppy will marry his sweetheart, Tanya (Nanna to my kids) She is a wonderful woman who brings happiness to my Daddy where once there was sadness. Congratulations you two! May you celebrate many happy years together.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Decided to Just FACE it!

It's time for me to admit...I was wrong. It doesn't happen often. (The admitting, not the being wrong part!)

For so long I've been spending my computer time in Blogger. I have my bloggy friends to read about and to share with. Lots of my friends IRL have blogs - and I read them almost as soon as they are updated.

And all this time, there's been this whole other world out there.

I just didn't get the hype. But everybody kept on talking about it.

I held out for as long as I could. I refused to get involved. I was NOT going to let it invade MY space (tee, hee...)

So, I decided to check it out. Now, I get it...But, I can't stop. I have found friends from high school, pals from college, people that used to attend church with me who have moved out of state, and even people who live across town that I just haven't kept in touch with over the years. (Even some of you were out there before me)

And that, my bloggy friends, is where I have been.


I officially have no more room in my schedule for any more online addictions. (I mean, naptime is only so long...)

Consider me all "BOOKed" up.

Monday, November 10, 2008

10 things I'm thinking on the 10th

1. I'm glad that Carter is starting to get more independent. He's finally playing on the floor more by himself so that I can do things without having to carry him everywhere. Although, I must have some really strong arms...and back for that matter!

2. I think it's funny how many people ask me if the girls are twins. Obviously, they're not. I mean there is a 3 year difference in their age. But if they are sitting down, I can kind of see why. Like in this picture:

3. Hailey is turning 3 in less than two weeks! I remember her birth like it was's hard to believe time can fly by so quickly.

4. I'm trying something new. I've got to get a handle on things around the house. It's so easy just to play with the kids or on the internet. So, I have a plan. One that will help me get organized. One that will help me clean. One that will (hopefully) keep the Hubs happy.

5. It's hard when you've got three kids and you don't want one to wake up the other two while they're sleeping at naptime. The best way to keep him from crying is to hold him while he sleeps. So, I just hold him. (Now, before any of you "Baby-Wiser's" start in on me in the comments section, keep in mind that I went from working outside of the home to staying home, homeschooling, and a new baby all in one swoop - I'm still getting used to this whole thing! Give a Mom a break)

6. Speaking of Moms...I really miss mine. I wish she was here. For so long I looked forward to the day when I could quit work. The day that I could visit with her all day long without worrying about a schedule. The day she could teach me to sew and to cook and bake and make candies. The day that finally came, but didn't. The day that came without her. That day is now, that day is here...but she's not. And there's this hole. This huge gaping hole. One that will never be filled. And in a way, I don't want it to be filled.

7. I think my luck might be turning around. Just the other day I managed to outrun my little dark cloud. Hot Rod met up with the kids and me at Chili's for dinner on Friday night. After dinner, he took the girls home and I took Carter to the grocery store. The Hubs called me while I was shopping to tell me that Maddie informed him once they got home that she had lost her shoe getting into the car to head home. And he wasn't going back for it - could I run by and see if I could find it? Of course, I had to! It was a shoe...I am a do the math. Anyway, here I am thinking "How in the world will I ever find a small pink Croc in a Chili's parking lot, on a Friday night, during the dinner rush?" I drive into the parking lot down the side where I knew he had parked looking for an empty spot to pull in so I could get out and look around. Lucky for me, there was an open spot and two other people getting into their cars to leave. Even luckier for me, I look over into said spot and there was that stinkin' shoe. I am NOT kidding. It was like God knew I needed it. That is the only way I can justify what happened.

8. Boys are born stinkers. Carter does things that Maddie and Hailey never did. He grabs and pulls hair, he grunts at people, he bangs on things (computers included) I could go on. Then, when I get annoyed with him and say (in that "Motherly way") "Car--ter," he gives me that little grin. As if he's saying, "I know Mommy, but I'm just too cute for you to be mad at me!" And he's right.

9. Funny...I love the sun. I love the way it shines in through the blinds during the day. I love how it makes everything outside look when it's out from behind the clouds. I love the warmth that it gives. I love that I never have to shovel its heat from my driveway so that I can go somewhere. But then, I also can't wait for the cool weather to come so I can wear those long sleeve t-shirts 'cause I think sometimes I love them more than the sun.

10. I also love the 10th of the month. I enjoy my randomness. Since I'm a SAHM, I don't get all my visiting done during the day, so it's kind of a nice way to 'talk.' It doesn't matter how long these 10th posts get because they're numbered. You can either read the whole thing word for word or you can skim the list and if something catches your eye, read it. I don't really long as you leave me a comment when you're done. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

He is OutSTANDing!

I'm behind in my updates...Carter has been crawling around for a few weeks now. In fact, he's gotten so bored with just crawling or sitting on the floor playing that all he does is crawl to the nearest spot where he can pull himself up to stand.

He pulls up on everything...couches, tables, toy boxes, and even Mommy's legs! (or anyone else for that matter)
On the left, it's the ottoman and on the right, Aunt Cheryl's legs at our Sunday night Connection Group.
More recently, he has been stopping in the middle of the livingroom floor in an attempt to stand on his own. And he's getting close!

Before we know it, he'll be running up and down the stairs! Where does the time go?

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Closest Thing to a Political Post You'll See on My Blog...

Dear Candidates,

Please stop calling me. I have come to hate the sound of my telephone ringing - especially during naptime.

You will not persuade me to change my vote. My mind is made up. In fact, my decision was made months ago. There's no going back. All you're going to do is wake up my children while upsetting and frustrating me.

It's bad enough I am forced to watch your television commercials if I wish to enjoy anything besides the Disney Channel.

And lets talk about these TV spots you've been running. Can you not talk just about yourselves and what you plan to do if elected? Must you really slam on your opponent? 'Cause to me, that seems a little 'high school' of you. Seriously, are we not all adults here? Just the facts, guys.

In this day and age, with all the internet and Google (oh, Google, how I love thee) don't you think we can research anything we need? There aren't any secrets once you enter a public office. You can kiss your personal life goodbye when you start campaigning.

All your dirty little secrets you think you'll be able to hide, we'll know about them - whether we want to or not.

Your financial records, your charitable donations (or lack there of), your heritage, your work/military experience, and your family. It all becomes our business.

I'm an informed voter, I did my homework and I know which candidates are best suited to do the job. So, please stop calling me.

Besides, I voted early last week...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Tricks Here...

I just love this time of year. I really enjoy seeing all the kids dressed up. What other time of the year do kids (young and old) get to dress up like whatever they want? It doesn't matter if it's something that they want to be when they grow up or something that they'll never be, it's just plain fun pretending. And they ALWAYS look cute. Take these three for instance...

We "suited up" and headed over to the Halloween bash at the rec center in our neighborhood. We were pleasantly surprised. Okay, so the bat-shaped ice sculpture was a little much, but they had hot dogs, nachos, Frito pies and lots of candy! We jumped in moonwalks, slid down the inflatable slides, and took down the inflated obstacle course. (No, really, while the girls were climbing through the last time, the thing started to deflate. It was a mad scramble to pull all the misc children out - actually quite humorous from the sideline - if I do say so myself!) We took a hayride, danced (Note to self: Enroll Hailey in dance class, she LOVES it and seems to have some natural ability to groove.), had our pictures professionally taken and....

The girls got to hold a real-live monkey! Her name was Abby Grace. She was so sweet and waaay cute, see?

Check out this proud look on Hailey's face. Sorry, Bug, we can't get you a pet monkey for your birthday! The clown that owned her (I'm not being tacky, she was dressed like a clown, sheesh!) had her all decked out in a cute little dress. Oh, and her little ears were pierced.

I had to include this photo. My caption, "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!"

What?! Too long? Well, what would you caption it?

We left the party to go do a little Trick or Treating. The girls had a blast going door to door ringing doorbells. Although, I found it quite nice that lots of folks hung out in their driveways, yards all decorated, large bowls of candy, just waiting for all the kids to come by. National Night Out's got nuthin' on Halloween!