Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Tricks Here...

I just love this time of year. I really enjoy seeing all the kids dressed up. What other time of the year do kids (young and old) get to dress up like whatever they want? It doesn't matter if it's something that they want to be when they grow up or something that they'll never be, it's just plain fun pretending. And they ALWAYS look cute. Take these three for instance...

We "suited up" and headed over to the Halloween bash at the rec center in our neighborhood. We were pleasantly surprised. Okay, so the bat-shaped ice sculpture was a little much, but they had hot dogs, nachos, Frito pies and lots of candy! We jumped in moonwalks, slid down the inflatable slides, and took down the inflated obstacle course. (No, really, while the girls were climbing through the last time, the thing started to deflate. It was a mad scramble to pull all the misc children out - actually quite humorous from the sideline - if I do say so myself!) We took a hayride, danced (Note to self: Enroll Hailey in dance class, she LOVES it and seems to have some natural ability to groove.), had our pictures professionally taken and....

The girls got to hold a real-live monkey! Her name was Abby Grace. She was so sweet and waaay cute, see?

Check out this proud look on Hailey's face. Sorry, Bug, we can't get you a pet monkey for your birthday! The clown that owned her (I'm not being tacky, she was dressed like a clown, sheesh!) had her all decked out in a cute little dress. Oh, and her little ears were pierced.

I had to include this photo. My caption, "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!"

What?! Too long? Well, what would you caption it?

We left the party to go do a little Trick or Treating. The girls had a blast going door to door ringing doorbells. Although, I found it quite nice that lots of folks hung out in their driveways, yards all decorated, large bowls of candy, just waiting for all the kids to come by. National Night Out's got nuthin' on Halloween!


  1. Anonymous12:47 AM

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! They are all cute! But seriously that little lion stole my heart!!

  2. While not exactly a monkey, our Abs is Abbie Grayce! How Cool! Your girls look just like you!


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