Monday, November 3, 2008

The Closest Thing to a Political Post You'll See on My Blog...

Dear Candidates,

Please stop calling me. I have come to hate the sound of my telephone ringing - especially during naptime.

You will not persuade me to change my vote. My mind is made up. In fact, my decision was made months ago. There's no going back. All you're going to do is wake up my children while upsetting and frustrating me.

It's bad enough I am forced to watch your television commercials if I wish to enjoy anything besides the Disney Channel.

And lets talk about these TV spots you've been running. Can you not talk just about yourselves and what you plan to do if elected? Must you really slam on your opponent? 'Cause to me, that seems a little 'high school' of you. Seriously, are we not all adults here? Just the facts, guys.

In this day and age, with all the internet and Google (oh, Google, how I love thee) don't you think we can research anything we need? There aren't any secrets once you enter a public office. You can kiss your personal life goodbye when you start campaigning.

All your dirty little secrets you think you'll be able to hide, we'll know about them - whether we want to or not.

Your financial records, your charitable donations (or lack there of), your heritage, your work/military experience, and your family. It all becomes our business.

I'm an informed voter, I did my homework and I know which candidates are best suited to do the job. So, please stop calling me.

Besides, I voted early last week...


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Seriously! I second that motion! It's crazy, we get them at home, at work, and even from the local leaders I get like 3 flyers in the mail a day. HELLO? Have they not heard of the "green" movement?? All the effort that we as citizens have done little or big have been completely thwarted by the mailers the candidates are sending out. Sheesh!

  2. my thoughts exactly!! if only I would have early voted, is what is going through my mind right now!!

  3. Oh, don't even get me started with the paper (aka more junk mail) I just got 9 in the mailbox today!!!

  4. All the wasted paper makes me want to cry. But those phone calls make me want to scream! I've just stopped answering any number that pops up without a name. They still leave voicemail messages, but at least I can delete those right off the bat.


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