Thursday, September 4, 2008

Am I Late Yet?

Everywhere I go there is a little dark cloud that follows me around. I didn't ask for it, I definitely didn't go looking for it. It just found me....and IT...WON'T...LEAVE!!

This morning, I had plans to meet a friend for breakfast and pick up her son so that she and her daughter could make dentist appointments.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am.......notoriously.......LATE! It's not that I don't care or that I don't make my best effort at being on time. I just cannot manage to do it.

I'll admit, a good bit of it is me. I'm a night owl and don't like to get up in the mornings. When I get up, I'm in a great mood, but getting up is just....plain...hard! You won't find me staying in bed 'till noon, but I would prefer to get up @ 8 AM. I really WANT to get up at 6 or 7, eat my breakfast (maybe have a little cup o' joe - yuck!) and read a little bit of my Bible waiting for my children to get up. ((Okay, maybe that's not realistic with a nursing baby, but a girl can dream...))

Anyway, if I'm supposed to be somewhere in the morning, I struggle. Here's the kicker (remember the dark cloud...) Sometimes, I'm actually ON TIME!! Yes, I can dress four people, round up a dog and get in the car on time (like this morning when someone was relying on me). But then (here's where the dark cloud comes in) something goes wrong. I never know what it will be. Could be heavy traffic due to an accident or lights being out, could be my precious two-year-old's car sickness that I have to stop and clean up, could be a train, or could go a little like this:

So, I got up this morning around 7ish, showered, got ready, fed the baby, dressed all the kids, rounded up the dog, rearranged the seats in the Expedition (to carry 4 kids instead of 3), got everyone loaded up and ready to go, climbed in the truck, shoved the keys in the ignition and.... hold on to your seats....are you ready........?

NOTHIN'.....not a click, not a whirr, nothin' The truck would....not....start! little dark cloud

I call the hubby, and call the hubby, and call the hubby...finally, he calls me back and heads toward home to help me out. (I'm so glad he works close to home.) We couldn't jump start the Expedition, so we all hop in the Vue and head to take him back to work. (Meanwhile, my friend, yep...still waiting...)

On the way to Hot Rod's office, we encountered...A TRAIN! little dark cloud (see where I'm goin' here?) We get him to work and we're on our way.

Things were finally going well ('cept I was starving - reference above where we were meeting for breakfast)

So, I'm cruisin' along and the 2YO says, "Mommy, I'm gonna throw up!" little dark cloud I fly across two lanes whip the car down a side street, throw it in park, jump out, grab a towel, catch the mess in the towel (we always keep one in the car for this very reason) bag the now very soiled towel, jump back in the car and off we go! Whew, wears me out just typing it!

Fortunately, we made it and I was able to help my friend with her son.

Now a side note to all my dear friends out there: If ever you're (patiently) waiting on me because, frankly, I'm notoriously late, just pray that Hot Rod is not in a meeting, the train is short, and the towel is clean. Oh, and thanks for keeping me around in spite of all my flaws! And remember, sometimes, it's actually NOT...MY...FAULT!


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Thanks for entertaining me today =0)!!!!

  2. I just can't stop laughing! Just the way you describe the details crack me up!

    Since we are usually e-mailing each other around midnight, I think we are pretty much in the same boat. And...I am usually late too.

    I think I have given up on the dream of my kids waking up to me sitting in a chair studying my Bible. However, after Mr. TD is asleep, and the kids are too, I can sit in my rarely quiet home and read, study or just have my own time, it's just around midnight instead of 6 AM.

    I know that your friend appreciates all that you (and your hubby) went through to help her out. Even though breakfast was missed...lunch was awesome!

  3. You poor thing! But a two year old who can announce when she's going to throw up and you can get it in time? You're my hero!

  4. Wow, that's some evil cloud you have following you around! Did you find out what was wrong with the car?
    I agree with Rachael- at least your 2 yo can tell you ahead of time...I was never able to do that for my Mom.


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