Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Goodbye Heat & Noise...Hello A/C & Quiet

It's so great to have power in the house. Fortunately, we thought to pick up a lot of ice to store in our big freezer before the storm even headed this way.

We lost power just after 1 AM on Saturday morning. Waaaay before we expected. Really, we thought the wind would pick up more before the power went out.

Everyone was down for bed in the Master Bedroom. We figured by putting Maddie's mattress on the floor in there and Hailey's bed in the corner, we could avoid little girls flinging our bedroom door open and running into our room crying.

Wind really started to pick up around 3 AM. Boy was it loud in our room. The wind was whistling and the windows were popping. We were afraid that they were going to crack. The rain was coming down hard too.

It was really starting to get HOT!

Hot Rod went to the other side of the house to check things out. He came back to report that the volume across the house was significantly lower and the temperature was slightly cooler.

It was time to move.

We drug Maddie's mattress, Hailey's mattress, and one of the swivel rockers into the hall. By this point, the kids were wide awake. Daddy and Mommy were worn out. We hadn't been able to sleep much due to the high (AND LOUD) winds and heat. The girls read through the pile of books we had borrowed from the library and still were not ready to settle back down.

Finally, we had to make them just lie still. Maddie curled up with Mommy and Carter and Hailey found a spot on the couch across from Daddy in the gameroom. Eventually, the winds died down a bit and we were able to catch a few Zzzzzz.

Saturday, we walked out to find one tree that fell over, the back fence that almost completely knocked over and some possible roof damage. We're still waiting on the contractors to come check things out for quotes. (Pictures to follow...)

Saturday night was another hot one. We went up to Hot Rod's office and set up beds in his office so we could sleep in some cool air for the night. We had been there for about an hour and were just settling in when we received a phone call from a neighbor letting us know our power was back on. Since home is more comfortable, we packed up and headed back to the house.

The house had already cooled off, so we got the kids in bed and settled in.

Just in time for the power to go back out.

And stay out.


It finally came on Sunday morning about 8:45 AM and stayed on. YAY!!

Sunday, Hot Rod was able to get the tree back in the ground. It looked like the ground just got so soft that the roots got loose and with all the wind, the ground wouldn't hold.

We had a few scares with the electricity flickering - we were afraid we would lose it again. We didn't.

Aunt Laurie and Emma spent the day with us until they received word they had electricity.

Monday, Poppy joined us since he still had no electricity. Which brings us to today, Tuesday.

The girls had an absolute blast dragging Poppy all over the house and eventually out into the backyard to play.

It's all quiet in the house now. The kids are down for a nap and all our company has gone home. Daddy is at work and Mommy...Mommy has to go do some cleaning now!

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  1. The last thing I would expect from a storm is for it to be hot, but that's what I keep hearing! And then not being able to at least open your windows to get a breeze because the breeze would bowl you over. Glad that things seem back to normal! Any updates on the roof?


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