Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sometimes, it IS Golden!

Dear Imagination Movers ~

I think (no, I know I do) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you! Your new show started today and frankly, I was worried it might flop. But to my was fun. See, my daughters (5 and 2) pause when your "music videos" come on between shows on the Disney Channel. Then, they just start dancing. All over the place. They "jump up, get down, turn around" and so on...It's just pure excitement. I must admit, I've been known to join them a time or twelve.

Well, I had forgotten about the debut of your show (which I was extremely excited about) and I also forgot to set the DVR. In my defense, Daddy left early Friday morning to go hunting and wasn't set to return until noon Saturday which left me to hold down the fort on my own.

Then, this morning, it happened again. My boy all trying to grow up too fast for Mommy again, decides to wake up crying his eyes out cutting yet another tooth, I'm sure. Maddie comes in wide awake and then all the commotion wakes up Hailey. So here I am half awake with 3 kids ready to face the day. Three teething tablets and one dose of Tylenol later, I decided to climb in the shower.

I don't know why, but for some reason, my girls are LOUD. Like they have only two volumes extremely loud and asleep. So this Momma was really needing a break from it all, and then, I heard it! YOUR the distance.

"The Imagination Movers are on!" I exclaimed. The girls ran to see...and then, something wonderful happened.


I finished up getting ready and went to check on the girls - because anyone who has children, or who has even been near children, knows that silence (although golden) could be a sign of trouble.

What I found was the most amazing thing ever! My two precious little girls snuggled side by side in my bed, quiet as little mice, glued to the TV watching your show.

For my twenty minutes of silence, I thank you! You are my new heroes.

Your biggest fan,


  1. what channel? Disney?
    Must. Check. Out!!!

  2. I just heard about this show last week. I'm glad to hear your rave review because if i have to watch one more Blues Clues episode my head might explode (I totally prefer Steve over Joe, just my opinion). Thank you!

  3. Ciara watched that last Saturday morning and loved it. I was too busy blogging to notice.


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