Monday, August 25, 2008

Because I AM THAT Crazy!

Pardon me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. I just can't believe that my baby girl Maddie started Kindergarten today!

It wasn't so bad though...she didn't actually GO anywhere. I made the difficult (maybe a little crazy) choice to homeschool - at least for Kindergarten. She's never been able to stay home with Mommy since I've been working from the time she was 6 weeks old.

For the first few years of her life, she hung out with my oldest sister, Laurie. (For Maddie, it was like visiting an amusement park everyday!)

The past two years have been spent in preschool. She's learned a lot and done quite well for herself, but she's always wanted to stay home with Mommy...

When we made the decision earlier this year for me to quit my job, we started discussing options for Maddie's schooling. She's only been to private Christian preschools. With only one income, that is no longer an option. We live in a great school district and several parents rave about the elementary school she'd be attending, but that wouldn't give Maddie much time with Mommy.

We bit the bullet (WAIT, I bit the bullet! Daddy still leaves for work! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!)

All kidding aside, today was a great day! Maddie was actually disappointed when I told her we were done with school for the day. She wanted to move on to tomorrow's lesson.

I can only hope that the rest of the week goes so well...


  1. You only feel crazy part of the will love watching her learn and grow and not missing a minute of it!

  2. Sorry, they don't sell pills to cure this kind of insanity. Luckily they do have support groups. Best of lick with it!

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Awe....Maddie is growing up fast. You two will enjoy this time together. I believe "time" is the best gift you can give anyone!


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