Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who needs sleep? Not me!

So, the saga continues another day. It didn't start out so easy today.

At about 3:30 AM, I hear the creak of my bedroom door and it's Maddie...

Maddie: Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom
Me: So, go!
(back again)
Maddie: I don't want to flush it because I don't want to wake up Daddy.
Me: Go flush the potty!
(truth is, she does not like the sound of the toilet - any toilet - flushing)
Maddie: Can you take me back to bed now.
Me: Sure (In my mind I'm thinking: Hey, why not, I'm only half asleep now - who needs sleep? Obviously not me! I don't work...)

So, I take her back to her room - thought I saw something on the floor, but in my state of mind, I thought I was just seeing shadows - and back to bed for me - YAY, 3 more hours of sleep!

Maddie: Mommy, it smells in my room. I can't sleep in there.
(Again, in my mind, I'm thinking: Clean sheets, she's got clean sheets - how can they smell and at this point, Carter is awake, so I'm feeding him and I'm just too tired to deal with a stinky room)
Me: Just sleep in Hailey's bed. (Hailey had already joined us in our bed - because she woke up disoriented - 3 hours in her own bed, not bad - we're getting there!)
Maddie: Can you cover me, I can't cover myself very well.
WHY NOT, remember: I don't need sleep anymore...

...I slept in.

Don't get me wrong, I got up dressed the girls, loaded them into the Expedition and sent them on their way with Daddy to Aunt Stephie's house for the day. Then, I went back to bed. Turns out, I DO need sleep...Who'd have thought?

The girls had a great time today. They went to the mall and played, they rode the carousel and had lunch at Chick-fil-A (I'll never forget Maddie called it Chicken Yay for the longest time - so cute!) After lunch, they all went to the pool for a swim. Boy were they tired. Both girls were in bed an hour early. Nice! Hailey asked if she could go back again tomorrow. Sounds like a plan to me. What do you say, Steph?

Today I turned my attention to the kitchen. And one more load of laundry - Maddie's sheets, again! Some time in the middle of the night - lets just call it 3:30 AM, she got sick. Which would explain the spot I thought I saw on the floor and the "smell" she reported that was keeping her from her sleep.

What did I accomplish today while my little man slept? 1/2 of the Kitchen and Maddie's room...we'll do pictures tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying myself. It feels so nice to have so much energy to clean. I never knew sitting behind a desk/computer could drain me so much.

I am loving this SAHM thing...


  1. I have decided that sleep is way overrated! It never fails, especially when Mr. TD is out of town, that one or the other child is up in the middle of the night (or VERY early) at least once. Recently I have rediscovered a technique I used frequently in college...the power nap! :)

  2. i was a SAHM for 11 years and it was the best thing ever!! Now I am a part time SAHM and I miss it...Enjoy it!

  3. Anonymous10:18 PM

    My kids were both sleeping well for a couple of weeks- such a tease- but now we are back to early morning visits.

    All part of being a mother I guess :)

  4. Hi there . . . passing through by way of McMommy's POW and had to leave you a comment. You poor thing! I can't believe Maddie got sick and never mentioned it to you! In my house we'd ALL know about it! Love the musical beds, and glad you got some much deserved and needed sleep! BTW, Chicken YAY is absolutely priceless - I laughed out loud at that one!

  5. You got to sleep in? Yay!

    Dies it really count as a sleep in if you were pretty much up all night?

    Whatever, you deserved it!

  6. I haven't slept in in years! Even when my husband takes over kid duty for the morning, I'm wide awak by 6:30. Lucky you! Though not so lucky having to clean up puke.


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