Thursday, July 24, 2008

Letter from Carter

Dear Family and Friends,

I noticed there's a new boy in the house. I've seen him around a few times. Don't worry, I'm not jealous. In fact, I rather like him. According to Mommy, he's downright adorable. I did notice that it seems like Mommy is always holding him which is confusing because I can feel myself in her arms and hear her voice in my ear.

I was standing in front of him today (with lots of help from Mommy) and went to give him a kiss. He kissed me back, but his kisses weren't warm like the ones that everyone else gives me. He felt very cold - almost like he was behind a piece of glass.

He makes me smile. It's good to have another little boy my age in the house. I hope that once we're both able to sit up on our own, he will play with me. I'll be mobile soon and I'm not so sure my sisters are going to be so crazy about me getting into their stuff. Besides, it's all girly - with the dolls, bottles, bows, and pink, pink, pink!

So, about this thing Mommy calls "tummy time" - I'm not so crazy about it. Not really sure what it's supposed to accomplish, except make me cry. It's frustrating that I cannot just get up and crawl away. Today, I tried to lift my arms and legs up off the floor, but still, I could not fly. I concentrated really hard. I bet Mommy could see the determination in my face.

Those toys that she puts on the floor beside me, I have figured out how to pick them up. I just keep trying to eat them. They don't taste very good, but chewing on them makes my gums feel better. Mommy calls it "teething" I'm not sure what that means, but I think it might change what I get to eat. I see big people putting things into their mouths all the time, but they don't typically pull them back out. I think that has something to do with eating. I hope to be able to do that someday. It's got to be better than just having milk all the time - BOR-ing!

I do prefer being on my tummy instead of my back though. Monday, when Mommy laid me on my back and was trying to put my socks and shoes on while talking on the phone to Poppy, I decided to give her a hard time and so I rolled over on my tummy. Instead of getting upset with me, Mommy was very excited and praised me for a job well done. She doesn't put me down on my tummy very much and so apparently, this was my first time to roll over. She was very happy and gushed on the phone to Poppy how great it was.

Life is great for me. I am very happy. Everyone I meet is so nice and always talks sweet to me. I can't help but smile and "talk" to everyone I see. When I first entered the world just under 4 months ago, I cried. I was in a comfortable place. It was warm and cozy and I did not want to leave my home of 9 months. I cried very loudly. I wanted the whole hospital to hear me. But then the doctor person handed me over to this woman I call Mommy.

I spend most of my time with Mommy. She takes great care of me. Everywhere Mommy goes, she takes me along. It seems she is the only one who can feed me right now. There are these things called "bottles" that I do not like. I refuse to drink from them. And don't even try handing me one of those "paci's" YUCK! Mommy says I make ugly faces when she tries to give me one. I always spit it back out.

We had lunch with Daddy today. Well, Mommy had lunch with Daddy. I just had to sit and watch. Mommy says that I look a lot like Daddy. In fact, most people say I look very much like my Daddy. When he holds me, I really like to check out his hair. Daddy talks to me a lot. His favorite thing to say to me is "I hope you like what you see 'cause in 30+ years, this is what you're going to look like." My Daddy is a funny, funny man.

Have I mentioned my sisters? I have the absolute BEST sisters in the world. My oldest sister, Maddie, is very nurturing. In the car, she tries to quiet me when I'm upset by talking to me and holding my hand. When we get home, she loves to help unbuckle me from my carseat (with Mommy's permission) and take off my socks and shoes. It makes me very happy to be free. My other sister, Hailey, is FUN-ny! She makes me giggle. I don't know what it is, but I can't help but laugh at her sometimes. They both like to help Mommy get "diapers and wipers" for me. It's great to have sisters.

Well, It's time for me to take a nap, but I have asked Mommy to include a picture of my new friend for you all you see so you will know him when you see him.

Love to all,



  1. Oh that is adorable and funny.

    I could just imagine all of that going on in his little head!

  2. Too cute! What a perfect way to capture the life of an infant!

  3. ha ha!! I loved it! What a clever way to capture this fun moment in time! Because it all goes so fast...doesn't it?

    I just realized we both have a Maddie/Matty and Carters!!!!!!!!! High-five on our incredible naming talents! :)

  4. Very cute post! I love it how they kiss themselves in the mirror :)


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