Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 things I'm thinking on the 10th

1. So, tomorrow is my last day of work. How is it I can be excited and sad and nervous all at the same time? I've been there 10 years - a whole decade! I've seen a lot of changes, met a lot of people across the country, watched those people come and go. Now it's me that's going. I'm just gonna be "Mommy" How exciting is that? I'll miss all the friends I've made and maybe I'll miss the daily adult interactions outside of the home, but I'll no longer be missing my babies. Totally worth it!

2. I HATE MY DRYER. My clothes dryer that is. I shouldn't complain because it was free. We've actually been lucky enough (here's where I knock on some wood) we have yet to have to purchase one. Perhaps I say that to hope to have to, but then (I'll refer you to #1) I don't think it's in the budget. Let me explain...recently, something happened and either the machine won't stop running or the buzzer won't stop buzzing - depends on the cycle you use. So, before I remember to check on it, BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! I'm getting tons of "exercise" leaping out of my skin, I mean, from the chair and racing into the utility room to stop the beast and it's incessant roar.

3. My little boy ain't so little. So, at just under 3 1/2 months he is 14 1/2 pounds! Such a change from my girls who were tiny. You know the boy is big when the doctor says, "Don't bother waking him up to feed him, he seems to be gaining just fine!" I'll just say - my Boy hasn't missed a meal yet.

4. Girls are whiny. At least mine are. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my girls. I love them LOTS! And I must add, they are quite adorable. But, man can they complain. Anyone else have girls that can find something wrong with every piece of clothing down to their socks? A typical morning might go something like this:

me: Maddie, let's get your shirt on.
Maddie: But, I'm tired.
me: I know you are, but the quicker you get your shirt on, the quicker you can lay back down
Maddie: Awww...
(we get the shirt on and the conversation continues)
Maddie: I don't like this shirt, it's too short.
(I must interject here that the shirt goes past her waist)
me: It's fine Maddie.
Maddie: No, it's too short (as she attempts, unsuccessfully, to pull it down over her knees)
me: you'll be fine, let's get your socks on
Maddie: Okay, but I want the short ones
me: that's what I have
(once the socks are on...)
Maddie: Mommy, fix the bumpies, there are bumps on the sides of my toes.
me: Maddie, all socks have these, there is nothing I can do (and I really do try to fix them for her)
It goes on and on...her shoes have bark (from the playground) in them, I've put them on her too tight, it hurts her head when I brush the tangles in her hair - really, I think the only thing I've figured out is the shorts or uniform skirt.

5. There must be a reality show for everything. There are so many that some are actually very close duplicates. (American Idol, Nashville Star, America's Got Talent, etc) Some of them, I enjoy (Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, American Idol -yes, I'm a dork), some freak me out (The Baby Borrowers, The Bachelor, Big Brother - can't bring myself to watch these) Really, is that all we can have on TV for the summer - perhaps I should buy a book - or maybe I should just read The Good Book!

6. Dieting is hard! There are too many yummy things that are no-no's. Does anyone know of a diet that includes Cokes and chocolate?

7. I am one lucky gal. Not only do I have three precious children, but I also have a wonderful Husband. He's got to be one of the most supportive people I know. He doesn't expect me to do all the housework or take care of the kids by myself. He might cook dinner or even help me bathe the children. He's even been seen doing laundry from time to time. (Sheets and towels, of course!)

8. Going to the movies is expensive. We have been discussing taking the girls to see a movie - (we're thinking Kung Fu Panda, which was only rating PG for the Kung fu scenes) I love to go to the theater with the larger than life screen, but the cost sure adds up fast. It's so hard to GO to the movies, when I can OWN it for less than the cost of two adult admissions!! $8.50 per adult ticket, more than $5 per child ticket, and then we'll have to have snacks, popcorn $7?, drink $4?, candy $3? Almost sounds like a MasterCard commercial - all I need to add is "Spending quality time with the family: Priceless!"

9. Gas prices impact everything. (I hear you - "News Flash!!") I'm starting to worry that I'm going to see an awful lot of the inside of my house. That only means that our electric bill is going to go up. The more I'm at home, the more I turn on the air, the more I turn on the air...well, you get the picture. The cost of a gallon of milk is now less than a gallon of gas (never thought I'd see that day) Anyway, I'm watching our grocery bill increase and prices for everything else going up...inflation! It's like 20 years of the cost of living increase happening all in one summer. I don't know if this is a recession or not, but it sure does stink!

10. Sometimes, I only have 9 things to think about. This might just be one of those times! HA!


  1. Your conversation with Maddie sounds amazingly familiar. Ours always goes like this:
    Lil'E: How long can I play before I have to go to sleep?
    me/Mrs. E: You can play for five minutes. Now lets go brush your teeth before bed.
    Lil'E: I'm too tired to brush my teeth!
    me/Mrs. E: If you're too tired to brush, you're too tired to play.
    Lil'E: No I'm not!

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I can relate to numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9. Congratulations on your last day!!!! Welcome to being a SAHM. Just remember I am right around the bend =)!

    I am so glad I am not the only one who has dryer issues right now...=)

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Oh man, that sounds like me too. If you can find a diet that includes coke and chocolate, please let me know. Those are my fixes at times. Congrats at being a sahm, enjoy it!! Happy POW!

  4. Choclate and coke?

    Now that is a diet I would happily sign up for!

  5. Ok, I am a little late chiming in on this one, but here goes:

    1. So cool! I can't wait to start teaching "together"!

    2. Our dryer is on the fritz too! It just won't dry...thankfully I don't have the buzzing!

    3. Welcome to my world!! Wait until people start expecting him to be 1-2 years older than he is!

    4. I have had the clothes drama forever!!! Not the right color, the tag itches, the whole thing itches, it's too short, it's too long, it hurts, my panties creep, it goes on and on... Wait until your son picks up on that! Boys just aren't supposed to have that kind of clothes issues!

    5. We love Survivor and Amazing Race. We sort of watch America's Got Talent, mostly for the laughs. I do have to admit I do kind of like the Baby Borrowers, although, I don't think I could turn over my kids to a teen!

    6. What's a diet???

    7. Ditto!

    8. When we went to see Wall-E (not bad, but don't go when you stayed up until 3 am playing cards the night before :)-not nearly enough dialog to keep you awake!), we spent as much on tickets as we did on snacks! Waaayyy too expensive.

    9. We'll just have to meet in the middle for playdates and field trips!

    Thanks for helping out this morning!

    Mrs. TD


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