Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's not an Earthquake - Just Happy Feet!

Sunday, we celebrated our Nephew/Cousin Jonathan's birthday. Jonathan and his family (the Mc4) as well as our Poppy (my Dad) had just returned from a near three week vacation including a cruise (maybe one day our kids will be old enough we can go! Although, I don't want to rush these precious moments while they are small.)

So it had been a while since the girls had seen their Poppy and they wanted him to come over to see their tongues change color after eating popsicles. Dad/Poppy decided it was past time to come over and spend some time with the kids. I agreed...3 weeks! Not to mention - he had just traveled across state (TX is rather large) to visit a friend the week prior to his 3-week trip. It had actually been 4 weeks. (Now, I know what some of you are thinking reading this - you might not see your folks, but once a year - I would die!) Since our family is all settled right here in the same city (sort of), we see each other at least every couple of weeks - some of them more often.

The girls had a blast! Poppy was so much fun! They played upstairs in the gameroom above the living room where I was folding clothes left undone for the past week. (Mommy was also VERY happy Poppy came & Daddy will be pleased when he gets back in town, too!) I could hear the "pitter-patter" or rather "stomp-stomp" of little feet all over the ceiling. They were giggling and squealing - such fun!

Later that night as I was putting Maddie to bed, she could not get the words out quick enough. "Mommy, we played with everything. We colored and then I played on the computer and after that we got out the cars, we rolled the ball back and forth and then we had a picnic!"

Believe it or not, the toys were actually all put away when I went upstairs to brush the girls teeth. I got Maddie to bed and went downstairs to relieve Poppy of 'baby duty' - which he seemed to be enjoying. Hailey was dying for attention from Mommy, so Poppy continued to rock Carter to sleep. I placed Carter in his bed and we kissed Poppy goodnight. Hailey was able to have some good ol' Mommy cuddle time.

We're so glad we have you, Poppy! Thanks for the wonderful evening...We sure do love you.

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