Tuesday, July 29, 2008

4 - 42.6 - 26 - 14 & 9.7

Got your attention? You wondering if I have lost my mind? (I know, there wasn't really much to lose...funny!)

Today, our little man Carter turned 4 - 4 Months that is! How did we celebrate? I took the sweet little boy to be tortured at the doctor's office. He was cooing and smiling and jabbering non-stop. He showed off all his talents for the nurse. Holding his head up while sitting assisted, putting weight on his legs, bringing both his hands together, smiling at her, etc...In fact, he also threw in a six-month milestone - reaching for and grabbing ahold of stuff. He really is a strong little guy. Way to go, Buddy!

He cried the entire time the nurse was administering his 4 shots. I was relieved that the 5th was an oral medicine---only to find that he decided it was not worthy of consuming. Carter 'rejected' it along with his mid-morning meal all over his clothes. Thank goodness I keep the diaper bag well stocked!

Since he was displaying his talent of drooling and bubble blowing for the doctor, she took a look in his mouth to see if she could find any emerging teeth. I must say, this Mommy was happy to hear none would be coming through soon. She did mention that we could start on some solid food whenever we were ready. That's exciting, but I think we'll wait just a little bit longer. He's growing just fine on Mommy's milk for now.

Doctor Bel was very pleased with his stats.

Head: 42.6 cm (50 -75%)
Height: 26 in (75 - 90%)
Weight: 14 lbs 9.7 oz (50%)

Yes, my child is THAT big! And I couldn't be more proud.

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  1. Wow! He ranks right up there with a TD baby! I bet it's a big shocker after your little girls! See ya later!


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