Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Put Your Head on my Shoulder....OUCH!

Yesterday I discovered why Carter has been chomping my shoulder and gnawing on his hands all the while drooling down his chin and pouring from his nose...(sorry, that's probably gross and could be a little TMI)

TWO NEW TEETH!!! He now has two more teeth on the top on either side of those famous "two front teeth" This brings his tooth total up to seven.

He will eat about anything within reach. Or at least give it a good try. It's amazing how quickly he can take down the food. Why he's not a big chunky baby, I'll never know. Perhaps he's just too tall or maybe too active.

I guess I won't be buying baby food much longer. If only I didn't have to buy any more diapers. Is he too young to potty train...?

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