Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Have NO Idea Where She Comes Up With This Stuff.

The girls sat down to play with their Loving Family Dollhouse for a little while earlier today. Maddie decided to load the "Loving Family" into the minivan at which time I heard the following conversation ensue:

Loving Daddy (in her best deep voice): "Why do I always have to drive?"

Loving Mommy: "Because I always do the laundry!"

I can honestly say this very conversation has never occurred between the hubs and me.

Do you think that's what she sees? I mean, he does always drive...and I always do the laundry.

(Now that I think about it......I might just be getting the raw end of the deal here! **HUMPH!**)


  1. hahaha that is too cute!

  2. Wow I can not wait till mine start interacting like this!

  3. Well, maybe it's time to have that conversation! It's the least he could do for you after all the laundry you do!

  4. She's hilarious!!

    Also? I don't know what the Loving Family is...but I'm picturing fun Barbie family. *sigh* You are so lucky to get fun girly toys!! I'm stuck with GI Joe men and it's just not the same.


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