Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I Love Hailey Bug

One of the many reasons I love my little Hailey Bug has got to be that she listens. She really takes in what Daddy and I say.

She may not always have the appropriate response, but she hears me...and at least that's a start.

Evidence that she is listening was displayed tonight when the following situation ensued:

Maddie finished up her lunch and was headed to the couch where Hailey and I were watching a little TV before we all headed upstairs for a nap when she tripped over a blanket on the floor and landed on the carpet. She didn't get hurt, it was a soft fall. Hailey looked over in Maddie's direction and said in her sweet little three year old voice, "Been walkin' long?"

I'm always teasing the girls with things like this or "How was your trip?" or "See you next fall."

We all had a good laugh, but I'll have to remember...Hailey is listening!!

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  1. How cute! It's alwasy so much fun when your kids start to imitate your mannerisms and the way you say things. When my daughter does it, it always makes me laugh out loud.


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