Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I can't believe it's already been a year!

One year ago Sunday, Hot Rod and I headed to the hospital to welcome our baby boy. And at that point...he was just that: "Baby Boy" (or "Peanut" as I lovingly referred to him) That's right, we still had not picked a name for him. Does that make us bad parents?

Some of you probably remember the survey we sent out asking you to vote on your favorite name. We had such a hard time deciding. And I'm not really sure why. We had it narrowed down to three names: Carter, Braeden, and Timothy. When we arrived at the hospital, we still couldn't choose between the first two. Which is funny because if our first child had been a boy, the name we had chosen was Carter. But for some reason, we just couldn't land on a name.

We decided to wait and see what name he "looked" like more. And then, he came along...

Our precious little man, Carter Wayne!! All 8 lbs. 5 oz, and 21 inches of him.

Over the past year, we have enjoyed watching him develop into such a funny little guy. He has the best personality.

Carter's favorite toy (besides Daddy) is his pack of baseballs that Daddy bought for him. What an arm this little guy has. He can throw a ball dead on almost every time. He even throws from across the room. (Hey, Astros, start saving up! This one's gonna cost you!!)

You know one thing I've noticed is when a boy picks up a toy car, he automatically makes that "car sound" Vroom, vroom! My son is no exception. I am not kidding!! I never taught him that. He just does it. He even does it when he rides around in his new car he got from Poppy and Nana for his birthday. Cracks me up! (Just look at the way he waves every time he passes someone by...he does it EVERY TIME!!)

One of the funniest things that I think Carter does is "the blank stare." Most of you guys who know him personally have seen this look. It's hilarious. I mean holding him and watching grown adults (what other kind are there, right? anyway...) try out their best material to make him smile, only for him to give them "the blank stare!" And when I say best material, I mean they are making complete fools of themselves jumping around making silly faces and noises. And there's my little man...blank stare!! At least it makes me laugh.

He's still not walking. He will stand and he's started to attempt to take steps. He'll even walk across the room holding someone's hands. But he refuses to take off on his own.

It's so hard to believe how quickly this year has passed. It just seems like he was hardly even a baby! I promised myself when he was born I would enjoy every moment. I wouldn't wish for him to hurry up and pass hurdles. And I think I did pretty good. But, it happened anyway. My baby boy just kept growing up...and he hasn't stopped yet!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Carter! Happy POW, Momma! You have yourself an adorable little boy.

  2. He is SOOOOO cute!!! I love that age and miss it so much!!!

  3. He has such a killer smile! And I love that boys make that vroom vroom sound when they pick up cars, too. Happy Birthday, Carter!

  4. I love looking at newborn pictures next to one year pictures! He's one helluva cute kid! What a fun age.


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