Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This time, she was prepared!

The tooth fairy made another appearance last night. And this time, she was ready...she brought Maddie a single dollar bill. Maddie was thrilled to learn that this simple green piece of paper was equal to four quarters!

Oh how she loves quarters.

Shoot, she loves money period. (Who doesn't, right?!)

So, we have this rule here in the house that if Maddie finds money on the counter (usually from Daddy's pockets), she is allowed to keep it if she can tell us what it is called and how much it's worth. We might have to cash in the piggy bank soon...she doesn't usually leave any coins behind.

Anyway, I can't believe Maddie lost her second tooth! Well, I guess I can. I did pull it for her!

I just want her to stop growing up...hmph!

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