Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not toys...nope, not my child!

The kids and I were in the livingroom and I had HGTV on the television. I keep that on for a couple of reasons 1) the kids won't watch too much TV 2) most of the programming on this channel is kid-safe. Now, I know that a better idea would be to just turn off the TV, but sometimes I like the background noise. Besides, it drowns the noises outside and helps keep the dog from barking.

Anyway....Maddie looked over at the TV and said, "Mommy, THAT is the floor I want!"

me: "Wood floors?"

Maddie: "Yes!"

Hailey: "But, where would we put the toys?"

me: "Uh, in the gameroom where they are now...?"

First, I'll have to investigate why wood floors means bye-bye toys. Second, I knew Maddie was a lot like me. She even has my excellent taste in flooring choices. Third, maybe she is watching more TV than I thought. Which brings me to the next Maddie story.

Maddie: "Mommy, I saw on TV that there is a blanket that you can stick your arms through and keep warm!"

me: "You mean the Snuggie?!"

Maddie: "YES! Can I get one of those?"

And I wonder...why is my child asking for such bizarre things?

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  1. Lil'E wants a kid-sized Snuggie. Mrs. E got one from my mom for Christmas (but only got it last week) and Lil'E tried it out. She complained that the arms were too big for her. Okay, more whined than complained. Tell Maddie they don't make a kid-version. Then get one for yourself and laugh at her misery. (Or not - it's just a suggestion)


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