Monday, March 16, 2009

He works hard for the money!

Today is Hot Rod's birthday. He is super busy at work, so we really didn't get to celebrate any today. In fact, we hardly saw him at all. He stopped by the house at lunch and ate a quick sandwich I made him while packing his gym bag. Then at dinner, we ran by his office so we could drop off the card we made him. And wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take a picture of it for the blog...

I'll just describe it for you as best I can. The kids picked out red construction paper (it's Daddy's favorite color) and then each girl picked a paint color. Maddie chose red, Hailey chose orange, and I picked blue for Carter. I painted each kid's hand and pressed it onto a white sheet of paper. Maddie practiced her penmanship and wrote Daddy a note "We love you" and then she wrote her name beside her handprint. I took the job of writing "Happy Birthday, Daddy" and Hailey and Carter's names. I just wasn't expecting Maddie to want to write so much...oops! It turned out great! In fact, I suspect that it's hanging in Daddy's office right now!

We will be celebrating later this week when Daddy takes a day off by heading to the Livestock Show and Carnival. (Doesn't get more Texas than that!)

Happy birthday, Honey...we do love you!

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