Friday, February 20, 2009

What does the Tooth Fairy look like?

Tonight while getting the girls settled in for bed we noticed that Maddie's tooth was getting extremely loose. We've had her working on it for a few weeks now and it was time to get that thing out!

She wiggled it. I wiggled it. Daddy even tried to get her to let him wiggle it! There was a little blood and some slight confusion (on Maddie's part) and then with lots of reassurance from Mommy and Daddy, she twisted it around and **POOF!!** out came her first tooth!

(It's kind of hard to see since her "adult" tooth is already coming in!)

Maddie had lots of questions: "What does the Tooth Fairy look like?" - "Will I feel her under my pillow?" - "What if she comes and I'm not asleep yet?" and "Does she come down from Heaven?" (Oops! Should I be feeling guilty about this?)

We've placed it under her pillow and will await the arrival of the Tooth Fairy...

Now, if only I could find some cash!

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  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    If you want to add a little magic to the Tooth Fairy experience I highly recommend this website I used it with each of my children and they were overjoyed to find a picture of themselves with the Tooth Fairy the morning after they had lost a tooth. I had a great time making these photos, and an even better time watching the smiles on my kids’ faces when they discovered them.

    Cynthia Kahane


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