Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hate flossing...

I took the girls to the dentist a little over a week ago for their first cleaning and dental exam. I'm a little behind on Maddie, but early for Hailey - that makes up for it, right?

Maddie went first...she is the big sister!

Then, Hailey put on her brave face.

I think I was more nervous than the girls were. I just wasn't sure how the girls would react to having someone scraping their teeth or that they would choke on the taste of the gunk that the dental hygenist uses to polish teeth.

I was pleasantly surprised when one of the girls from the dental office came out and told me how great it was to take x-rays on a child that wasn't a screamer for a change. (She should come to my house, wouldn't she be in for a surprise!!) To be honest, I think Maddie was just so surprised at what was going on, she didn't know how to react.

They were both excited to wear some really funky glasses while they watched an episode of Hannah Montana on the ceiling!!
As you can imagine, Maddie was thrilled!

Hailey asked for Dora, the Explorer, but they didn't have it.

We work really hard to make sure the girls brush their teeth twice a day and it shows!

The best news of all......WE ARE CAVITY-FREE!!!
When their appointments were over, they were given new toothbrushes (purple for Maddie and yellow for Hailey!) and a choice from the treasure box. Maddie picked a ring (which she rarely removes from her finger) and Hailey found a water gun (not sure she understands what she actually picked!) It was a fabulous first visit to the dentist!!

By the way, does anyone know how to reach the Tooth Fairy? I need to let her know she should check into taking out a loan. Maddie has four loose teeth! OH, and two of her "adult" teeth are already coming in AND one of her six-year molars has burst through the surface!!

ON A SIDE NOTE: When he was finishing up with Hailey, the dentist looked at Carter in my arms and commented on how cute my kids were. Then he said, "Are you guys planning on having more or are you done?" (Why do people always ask me that?!)

Then I started wondering if he says that to everyone OR if the kids are ugly, he thinks to himself something more along the lines of: "Your kids are ugly, you should totally stop..."

just wondering...

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