Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Child's Loss is Another Child's Gain

Sort of...

Friday night, Maddie lost her first tooth.

Saturday, Carter's 8th tooth broke through!

On Saturday morning, Maddie checked under her pillow where she had left her tooth (safely placed inside a ziplock bag) She was so excited to find in its place a ziplock bag of coins! She had over a dollar and was beyond thrilled.

Imagine her surprise when she found out that the Tooth Fairy left her tooth under Mommy's pillow. You see, the first tooth that a child loses is important to Mommies and if the Tooth Fairy were to take it and leave, Mommies would be sad. She found it amazing that the Tooth Fairy could reach under her pillow as well as Mommy's pillow and neither one of us felt her do it!! She is one sneaky little fairy.

Later in the day on Saturday, Carter pulled my finger into his mouth and bit - OUCH! (of course.) I thought that tooth was never going to come in. He has been biting me so much lately (on my shoulder, my arm or just about any part of me that was conveniently near his mouth), I was starting to think maybe I was just a big chew toy.

But we're good now...until next time.

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