Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Freebie

I stumbled on a website called Libra and I'm having an absolute blast with it! For the longest time, I have been telling my Hubby that we need to put together all our DVDs in an organized list so we know what we have and keep tabs on who's got which one. So when I found this site, I was excited to see not only can I catalogue my movies, I can even track who's borrowing them.

But wait!! That's not even the cool part. This program saves you from having to sit and type each movie title. Simply flip the DVD over and in the space prompted in your library (you do have to download some software) you input the barcode from the DVD case. Viola! The software pulls all the information you could ever dream of having (title, description, actors, rating, run time, etc...) into one organized place. It's so quick and virtually hassle-free that in a matter of minutes I had a stack of DVDs loaded into my library. I can even allow friends/family to view what is in my library in case they want to borrow one.

There's also good news for you'll track your books the same way. And for those of you music CD collectors who might not be into the iTunes or you "Gamers" this site is for you as well.

Be sure to check out this fun **FREE** organizational tool.

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