Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Thing You're Cute

So, how 'bout those terrible two's, huh? Well, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Even though the little Angel is quite fond of the word "No" she still does things to keep us in stitches.

The other night when putting sister to bed, I handed Maddie a water cup (she takes one to bed each night) Anyway, Hailey placed her hand on her chest, forced a fake cough and told me: "I need a brink (drink) I have a fwog in my fwoat." (that's frog in her throat - It's just not the same if you can't hear it the way she says it.) Where do they come up with these things?

When asked why she does something, she simply states: "Betause" (which is "Hailey talk" for Because) Although, she doesn't hesitate to question me "why?" which is usually followed by another "why?" At first Daddy and I had decided to just tell her "Because I'm Mommy/Daddy and I said so..." Yes, it's one of those things people always say they'll never say. (But not me, I knew one day I'd need an easy response to the question "why?") I'm trying something new. I've told her she is not to ask Mommy "why?" Now I get "yes mum" (which is her way of saying Yes Ma'am quickly.)

Does she look like a chipmunk to you? One day Daddy and I picked her up from school during nap time. So, we're walking down the hall to get Sissy and Rod says, "Hailey, what are you chewing?" (it was her lunch) She will shove food into her mouth and chew on it for hours. She'll even take drinks and enjoy dessert - all while still storing lunch/dinner in her cheeks. Yuck!

Speaking of dessert, when she's ready for it, she asks for "Zert?"

When she wants what I'm drinking, she'll say, "I want a brink of jous brink" (I want a drink of your drink.)

When she wants me to carry her, she says, "I want to carry you."

I wonder how many times she's heard Daddy or me say:

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  1. Too funny! I am glad the chipmunk thing is not exclusive to Little TD. We have put him to bed after dinner, dessert, bath and brushing teeth (he does it at night), only to find him later chewing when we went to check on him. When asked what he's eating, he says nothing, and then shows us something he didn't want to try at dinner! It's amazing. Now we check his mouth before he leaves the table. Think Survivor challenges! :)


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