Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mid-Year Stats

Hard to believe it, but our little man turned 6 months old on Monday! He is getting so big so fast.

Current measurements:

  • Height: 27 inches (75 - 90%)
  • Weight: 15 lbs 14.7 oz (25%)
  • Head: 43.8 cm (50%)

Here's a recap of what we've accomplished over the past 6 months:

  • Smiled (around week 3 and he hasn't stopped yet)
  • Laughed (7/5)
  • Rolled over (7/21)
  • Trip to the pool (8/1)
  • Two teeth (8/26 & 8/29)
  • Big boy food - aka solids (Squash, Green Beans, & Carrots) (Starting 8/30)
  • Rocking on hands and knees (mid-September)
  • Sitting up (9/21)
  • Said Momma (9/24)
  • Said Dadda (9/25)
  • Military crawl (9/28)

Look for me to be posting soon about the crawling. He's been up on his hands and knees rocking back and forth for quite a while now and has about mastered the backwards military crawl. He's pulling up on everything and likes to walk with someone holding his hands.

DADDY, it's time to get the baby gates back out!!!


  1. Sounds like he is doing really great. 6 months flies by right? Too quick.

  2. That is such a fun time! I loved watching my daughter rock back and forth, trying to figure out that next step.


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